The WINDMILL Family of Somerset

This is pretty tricky and is a bit of a saga.

It starts when James WINDMILL marries Hannah FILER 26 November 1760 at All Saints, Publow, Somerset.

There is a baptism of James WINDMILL 11 January 1761 at St Thomas Pensford, Somerset: “Son of James and Sarah Winmill of Publow” .

On 12 June 1761 Hannah WINDMILL is buried and the same day Sally WINDMILL (noted as daughter of James) is baptised at Publow.

Hannah Windmill Sally Windmill

James WINDMILL marries Sarah BATT on 11 November 1761 at Publow.

To complicate matters further, a James WINDMILL marries Sarah WARREN 10 June 1764 at St Mary, Stanton Drew, Somerset. There are no baptisms for this couple recorded at Stanton Drew.

From then on, there are a series of baptisms at Publow and Pensford. The baptisms at Pensford are noted as “son/daughter of James and Sarah WINMILL of Publow”.

The baptisms are as follows

James WINDMILL 9 December 1764 Publow

Betty WINDMILL 12 May 1765 Pensford

William WINDMILL 1766 (date unreadable) Pensford

Roger WINDMILL 26 October 1766 Pensford

Mary WINDMILL 13 December 1767 Publow

Charles WINDMILL 20 August 1769 Publow

James WINDMILL 21 January 1770 Publow

George WINDMILL 30 June 1771 Pensford

John WINDMILL 12 April 1772 Pensford

Hannah WINDMILL 27 June 1774 Publow

Roger WINDMILL 10 March 1776 Publow

Nancy WINDMILL 1 September 1776 Pensford. Buried 28 September 1776 Pensford

John WINDMILL 20 September 1776 Pensford

George WINDMILL 30 August 1778 Pensford

Richard WINDMILL 13 August 1780 Pensford

Robert WINDMILL 19 July 1781 Pensford

Ann WINDMILL 26 August 1781 Publow

Given the number of baptisms it seems very likely that both the James/Sarah WINDMILL families lived in Publow.

Could it have been that one family had their children baptised at Pensford and the other at Publow? Possibly but there are two baptisms of George at Pensford and two Johns also at Pensford and no discernible burials of these two.

There is a burial of Sarah WINDMILL (wife of James) 28 July 1768 at Publow and another (also wife of James) 15 July 1781 at Publow.

There are no indications on any of the baptisms that the children were baptised at any time other than not long after birth.

I have not been able to work out who belongs to whom. Quite the conundrum!

Can you help?